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How to get a hearing aid

Hearing is one of the five most important senses that allow us discovering the world. A lot of people, who suffer from hearing impairment, have to use special hearing devices, which they can get either by buying them or by applying for a governmental program.

In order to get a hearing aid, one should first undergo a special medical screening. An audiologist must draw the document which would prove and fix the need for a special hearing aid. This document should be presented to the Social Medical Assessment (SMA) at one’s residence for registration and the development of Individual Rehabilitation Program (in case the person is found invalid).

When IRP is received, one should apply to the Social Insurance Fund for a free hearing aid. Within two weeks the Fund will issue a referral that needs to be submitted either to a specialized organization supplying hearing aids or to the local hearing care center. Hearing aid service and adjustment can be performed in the centers as well as in private organizations.

Pensions and benefits can only be received after submitting a copy of SMA certificate to the Pension Fund and the Social Security Fund.

People suffering from hearing impairment, or invalids, have the right to receive a hearing aid every four years and have them maintained free of charge. In some cases the Social Insurance Fund can refund the expenses on independently chosen hearing aids.

All medical screening should be conducted at governmental organizations!
The received documents should be stored carefully as it takes long to recover them.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist