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CRUISE are 4-channel digital trimmer-type BTE hearing aids with 4 adjustable programs; they are suitable to compensate a wide range of hearing loss.


  • Trimmer functions, acoustic amplification range and OSPL range are customized at the manufacturing plant*;
  • WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) with amplification control for different levels of input signals, compression ratios and thresholds;
  • AGC (automatic gain control) sets up a triggering threshold and adjusts its gain to achieve a constant signal level at the output effectively;
  • Flexible Frequency-Division Multiplexing (FDM) transmits all of the signals along the same high speed link simultaneously with each signal set at a different frequency;
  • Active low-pass and high-pass filters increase the audibility of high-frequency and low-frequency acoustic information;
  • Low-level noise control function allows to control the degree of low-level ambient noise suppression and microphone noise reduction;
  • Adaptive function of acoustic feedback cancellation identifies adverse whistling tones and eliminates them before they start to distort listening experience;
  • Induction coil eliminates background noise and echo by sending the audio signal directly to the hearing aid without extra equipment or devices;
  • Digital volume control;
  • Programming socket;
  • Closed trimmers with programmable functions allow smooth program adjustment;
  • 4 listening programs adjustable by the trimmers for different acoustic situations;
  • Customary program selector combined with an on/off switch;
  • Acoustic (beep) indicator for switching listening programs;
  • Acoustic (beep) low battery indicator;
  • Compatible with cell phones, computers, etc. via Bluetooth devices with a hearing loop.

* Note: overall acoustic amplification and maximum OSPL90 can be customized by the manufacturer within the stated limits. Adjustable trimmer functions:
L — low frequency tone (bass);
Н — high frequency tone (treble);
Ао — amplified AGCO (output AGC);
А1 — AGCI (input AGC) in the 1st channel;
А2 - AGCI in the 2nd channel;
Аі — AGCI;
Р — OSPL (peek clipping);
G — gain (volume);
G1 – gain of 1st channel;
G2 - gain of 2nd channel;
F — frequency division.



Maximum sound amplification range, dB 40-70
OSPL90 value, dB 105-135
Battery size 675
Number of digital channels for signal processing 4
Number of available listening programs 4
Indicator for switching listening programs +
Low battery indicator +
Telecoil +
Programming socket -
Adaptive directional microphones -
Adaptive function of sound feedback cancellation +
WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) +
AGCO (automatic gain control output) +
Low frequency noise control +
Active low-pass and high-pass filters +
Number of trimmers 4


There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist