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How Hearing Works

Our perception of the world is based on five senses, all equally essential. Every day, we are exposed to different sounds like the splashes of the sea or the birds’ singing, and one cannot know the beauty of the world and enjoy it in full without hearing these sounds.

How to Get a Hearing Aid

Hearing is one of the five most important senses that allow us discovering the world. A lot of people, who suffer from hearing impairment, have to use special hearing devices, which they can get either by buying them or by applying for a governmental program.

How to Adjust a Hearing Aid

Quite a number of people face the problem of adjustment of a new hearing aid. It is associated not only with the complexity of the device, but even more with ambient sound distortion.

How to Choose a Hearing Aid for an Elderly Person without Medical Advice

As a rule, the choice of any medical device requires to consult a relevant specialist. This holds true for hearing aids as well. But sometimes having a consultation is troublesome or even impossible, especially with elderly people. It is hard for a man in his 80-s to walk long distances. The situation gets more complicated if the person is hypochondriac or touchy. This is why in such cases relatives may decide to buy a hearing aid on their own.

History of hearing aids

Hearing impairment is a problem that can be faced by anyone disregarding one’s income or social situation. Statistical data prove that almost 4% of the population suffers from either partial or profound hearing loss. Nowadays hearing aid market offers a wide variety of devices for better sound perception, but it was quite recently that hard of hearing people had to use really inconvenient appliances.


There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist