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T-REX 8UP – is an 8-channel digital BTE hearing aid with 6 adjustable listening programs; it is suitable to compensate moderate, severe and profound hearing loss.


  • Secure body;
  • Adaptive multi-acoustic program identifies acoustic situation and autonomously adjusts the device for better hearing experience;
  • Possible setting modes for the situational profiles:
    Noise (in a noisy room)
    Speech in noisy environment
    Quiet (in a quiet room)
    Speech in quiet environment
    Music (listening to the music)
    Wind (wind noise suppression)
  • Adaptive directional microphones allow to achieve better speech intelligibility in various acoustic situations and stronger sound localization;
  • Adaptive AGC (automatic gain control) effectively reduces the volume if the signal is strong and raises it when it is weaker;
  • Adaptive noise reduction system successfully reduces ambient noise and helps to focus on a single voice to facilitate stable acoustic environment;
  • Adaptive function of acoustic feedback cancellation identifies adverse whistling tones within 128 bands and eliminates them before they start to distort listening experience;
  • Telecoil program allows making telephone calls;
  • Tinnitus-masker technology amplifies ambient sounds to cover tinnitus (as a part of tinnitus management program);
  • Data recording of the hearing device operating modes. Journal gathers data on how the customer uses the device;
  • Audiogram input function;
  • WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) restores audibility for weak sounds and simultaneously restores some of the normal loudness perception that is lost with recruitment;
  • Impulse noise reduction system eliminates discomfort around sudden bursts of sound;
  • 6 autonomously adjustable listening programs;
  • 16-band graphic equalizer;
  • Low-level noise control function allows to control the degree of low-level ambient noise suppression in each channel and microphone noise reduction;
  • Acoustic (beep) indicator for switching listening programs;
  • Acoustic (beep) low battery indicator;
  • Compatible with cell phones, computers, etc. via Bluetooth devices with a hearing loop.


Maximum OSPL90 range, dB 142
Maximum sound amplification range, dB 82
Battery size 675
Number of digital channels for signal processing 8
Number of available listening programs 6
Indicator for switching listening programs +
Low battery indicator +
Telecoil +
Adaptive directional microphones +
Adaptive function of sound feedback cancellation +
WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) +
Low frequency noise control +
Tinnitus-masker technology +
Audiogram input +
Adaptive multi-acoustic program +
Automatic Telecoil program +
Adaptive AGC +
Data recording +
Adaptive noise reduction system +
Impulse noise reduction system +


There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist