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BRIZ-441Max | RITM

BRIZ 441 Max is a 4-channel digital BTE hearing aid with 4 adjustable listening programs; it is suitable to compensate moderate and severe hearing loss among adults and children, including those suffering from recruitment (sound perception impairment caused by sensorineural hearing loss).

Upon customer’s request the peak values of OSPL90 and amplification of the hearing aids can be programmed within their upper and lower limits at the manufacturing plant.


  • WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) with amplification control for different levels of input signals, compression ratios and thresholds;
  • Adaptive AGC (automatic gain control) sets up a triggering threshold and adjusts its gain to achieve a constant signal level at the output effectively;
  • Active low-pass and high-pass filters increase the audibility of high-frequency and low-frequency acoustic information;
  • Flexible Frequency-Division Multiplexing (FDM) transmits all of the signals along the same high speed link simultaneously with each signal set at a different frequency;
  • Low-level noise control function allows to control the degree of low-level ambient noise suppression and microphone noise reduction;
  • Adaptive function of acoustic feedback cancellation identifies adverse whistling tones and eliminates them before they start to distort listening experience;
  • Tinnitus-masker technology amplifies ambient sounds to cover tinnitus (as a part of tinnitus management program);
  • Audiogram input function;
  • Induction coil eliminates background noise and echo by sending the audio signal directly to the hearing aid without extra equipment or devices;
  • 4 autonomously adjustable listening programs;
  • 8-band graphic equalizer;
  • Acoustic (beep) indicator for switching listening programs;
  • Acoustic (beep) low battery indicator;
  • Direct audio input (DAI) allows an external source to be directly connected as an input that bypasses the microphone;
  • Compatible with cell phones, computers, etc. via Bluetooth devices with a hearing loop.


Maximum OSPL90 range, dB 142
Minimum OSPL90 range, dB 130
Maximum sound amplification range, dB 81
Minimum sound amplification range, dB 65
Battery size 675
Number of digital channels for signal processing 4
Number of available listening programs 4
Indicator for switching listening programs +
Low battery indicator +
Telecoil +
Adaptive function of sound feedback cancellation +
WDRC (wide dynamic range compression) +
AGCO (automatic gain control output) +
Low frequency noise control +
Active low-pass and high-pass filters +
Tinnitus-masker technology -
Audiogram input -
Adaptive multi-acoustic program -
Automatic Telecoil program -
Flexible Frequency-Division Multiplexing (FDM) +
Data recording -
Adaptive noise reduction system +


There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist