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High-tech equipment and sophisticated technologies

Производство на новейшем высокотехнологичном оборудовании
Modern hearing aid market
requires constant technical development of manufacturing facilities.
“Plant of Hearing Aids “RITM”
has the largest complete production chain with advanced equipment and high-end technologies. A hearing aid is a complex device. A miniature body should contain several parts that help to perceive the world of sounds: a microphone, a receiver, an amplifier, transducers and batteries. “RITM” professionals efficiently cope with this task. From the very first stage of production our specialists work to meet the needs of the hearing impaired. Modern equipment and stringent quality control allow producing hearing aids with minimum sound distortion.

We offer – you choose!

With a wide range of “RITM” hearing aids, there is always a perfect solution suitable for any income and occupation. Our customers can be sure to buy safe quality devices. The following types of hearing aids are offered:






In-the-ear (ITE)


Behind-the-ear (BTE)



There is also a choice of accessories and batteries.
We try to develop
and improve our production to satisfy our customers. For instance, the product line “Elf” is presented by a number of miniature digital hearing aids various in features, power and the number of channels.
Every model is special and has its advantages.
Young people usually prefer small digital devices as they are almost invisible, while the elderly would rather choose analogue pocket aids - simple and convenient in use.
Our growth is encouraged
by the desire to satisfy our customers!

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist