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Maintenance of "RITM" hearing aids

Техническое обслуживание слуховых аппаратов

It is crucial to choose an appropriate hearing aid as it will determine a person’s sound perception and product durability.

Quality sound with no distortion

There many factors that define hearing aid performance.
Fluctuations of temperature and humidity, close skin contact, ear hygiene, sun exposure – all these may greatly affect hearing aid performance. Recurring preventive maintenance is a key to make it lasting and effective.
“Plant of Hearing Aids “RITM”
provides necessary technical support and repair by using special methods and equipment.


Free warranty service is provided for all “RITM” products. If the device does not work correctly, one should call upon the nearest helpdesk division for assistance.

There are cases that are not covered by our warranty, and repair work is conducted at client’s cost, such as:

Mechanical damages

Mechanical damages

Apparent traces of high temperature impact

Apparent traces of high temperature impact

Damages made by contact with water

Damages made by contact with water

All cases are discussed individually.

Independent product maintenance

Product performance may be prolonged by simple preventive measures:

Change the batteries timely


Switch off the device while it is not needed.
If the device is not in use for a long period of time, the batteries should be taken out


Clear the batteries recurrently with a special soft tissue


Clear the device from ear wax


Use special dryer to get rid of moisture

Remember that any problem needs fixing. It is always better to confide technical maintenance of your device to professionals.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist