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Largest complete production chain

Полный цикл происзодства слуховых аппаратов

“Plant of Hearing Aids “RITM”, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids. Our company has the largest complete production chain – from development and design to distribution and technical maintenance.

“RITM” is a high quality brand with safe affordable products.


Product customization
through specialized equipment


Quick and fine fitting via programming software


Simple and clear software interface


Consistent quality control at all production phases


Frequent update of hearing aid models and accessories


Eternal technological improvement and implementation of innovative solutions

Customer benefit


Product awareness

Any person can ask for a free consultation in order to choose an optimum hearing device, find out about its advantages and test it


Saved money and time

Rational use of high-tech equipment allows us to keep affordable prices. At customer’s request our specialists will produce a personalized body or an


Reliability and convenience

We provide personal approach to any client to ensure highest comfort in wearing the device. All parts and accessories stand out as highly qualitative and reliable according to international standards

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist